In order to support this project that started with personal funds, a foundation, la Voie de l'Espérance (the road of hope) was created in Burkina Faso with two sister foundations in Europe: one in Switzerland and the other in France.

It is through these foundations that funds are collected to:

  • sponsor the students from the villages (sponsorship),
  • support the infrastructural development of the school (donations).

Donations are transferred to the school and entirely invested in:

  • the construction of new building (dorms, dining hall, new classrooms...),
  • new equipment (school furniture, educative equipment)

The different branches



VDE France

The President, M. Zbinden Raymond has a close friend of M. Glauser (Founder and Director of the school) for over 10 years. A logistics manager in Switzerland, he has been supporting the project since the beginning.

Contact VDE France

VDE Switzerland

The President, M. Jean-Matthieu Sternberg is the father of a former student from the Institut Florimont, a swiss school where M. Glauser taught for 9 years. Interested by the project of the school, he has showed himself to be an essential partner by creating the foundation.

Contact VDE Switzerland


Both M. Zbinden and M. Sternberg have visited the school with their family and spent special moments with the MLK family.



VDE Burkina

The president, M. Glauser Jean-Daniel is the Founder of the Lycée MLK and its Director since the opening in October 2010.

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  • En arrivant de Ouagadougou, après la gendarmerie de Ziniaré, tourner à gauche et prendre la route de Donssin. Après 1 km le lycée est à votre droite !
  • +226-25-30-99-00
  • +226-25-50-05-00
  • jdglauser @ yahoo .fr

Sponsorships and Donations

The Lycée MLK is a young project that still depends on the generosity of sponsors and donors.

How to support us?