The Lycée MLK is a very young and dynmaic project that start with personal funds. Thanks to many donors and actions we were able to raise funds to pursue the progress of the school's campus (building a 100 bed dorm and a dining hall). Our ambitions, however, doesn't stop there, as we hope to grow more in order to welcome more students with appropriate infrastructures. This is the reason why we solliciate donations, in parallel of sponsorships, that will be entirely invested in the school. Find the details of past and ongoing projects here. 

As for the sponsorshops, the financial transfers are managed by the VDE Foundation which has a branch in Switzerland, in France and Burkina Faso. You can use either depending on your choice of currency. Both VDE France and Switzerland are recognized as NGOs, your donation can thus be tax-deductible. For more information please contact VDE Suisse (M. Sternberg) or VDE France (M. Zbinden).

How to make a donation

You have two options: 

1) Bank Transfer

2) Sending a check: only in EUR

Make a donation in CHF Make a donation in EUR


We are always on the lookout for new or used equipment that can be useful fo rthe school or that will be redistirbuted in the villages. A container regularly sets off for the school.

What we are looking for:

    • Toys
    • Clothes
    • Computer equipment
    • Education equipment (books, pens, paper...)
    • Misc. housing equipment, farming equipment

The next container leaves: "TBA"

If you are interested, please contact VDE France (Raymond Zbinden) which takes care of the container.

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  • En arrivant de Ouagadougou, après la gendarmerie de Ziniaré, tourner à gauche et prendre la route de Donssin. Après 1 km le lycée est à votre droite !
  • +226-25-30-99-00
  • +226-25-50-05-00
  • jdglauser @ yahoo .fr

Sponsorships and Donations

The Lycée MLK is a young project that still depends on the generosity of sponsors and donors.

How to support us?