Who is sponsored

The MLK School considers that poverty and corruption are not a fatality and that quality education should not be solely for an elite. Our ambition is to prepare the future leaders who will be able to take in charge the progress of their country following moral and ethical values. Our School aims at becoming a institution of excellency in Burkina Faso while promoting integration and the success of children of all social background. Social mixity is a necessity. Therefore, the MLK School chose to offer a scholarship to certain motivated children coming from poor families that are either peasants or cattle breeders.

In Burkina Faso, 88% of the children in age of being in 6th grade are not in school, often abandoning education due to a lack of money and to help their parents in their work. It is these children of isolated villages who are the first victims. Furthermore, there is a average of a hundred students per class, with rare suitable equipment, and the schools are not always in the same village forcing some children to walk miles everyday.

This is why we consider that a major point is to make sure that this social class is represented in the school to allow the students to have access to the same opportunity of excellency and success. 

We have visited all the region of the Central Plateau, and have selected the best and most motivated students of the villages. The selection is based on an academic test and on an interview to evaluate the student’s motivation. In addition, in order to sensitize the parents and to include them in the effort of education of their children, we ask them to contribute in nature (cereals, nuts, leaves…).

Commitment and Cost

A sponsor is engaged to pay for the scholarship of a student during a minimum period of 4 years. It corresponds to the classes of 6th grade to 9th grade, year during which the student can pass a diploma BEPC allowing him or her to reach the tests for government jobs. In the case where the student expresses a desire to continue his studies, we will propose to the sponsor to renew his engagement which would bring the student to the baccalaureate and would open the doors of universities. The goal of the MLK School would then have been reached; to prepare the future leaders of the country.

The cost to sponsor one student for one year is 2000 CHF , i.e. an engagement of 8000CHF for the four years.

The sponsorship covers:

  • The education
  • Equipment and text books
  • Access to the library and computers
  • Extracurricular activities
  • School uniform
  • School transport
  • Housing and Laundery
  • Dining Hall (three meals per day)
  • Health care
  • School insurance
  • Subscription to the Parents' Association


Steps to sponsor a student

1st Step:

Fill in the Sponsorship Form that will be sent to the VDE Foundation.

2nd Step:

The VDE Foundation examines your request and will recontact you after having picked a student.

3rd Step

As an official sponsor you will receive regular informations concerning the progress of the student. The three academic trimestrial transcripts and pictures will be sent to you every year.

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Sponsorships and Donations

The Lycée MLK is a young project that still depends on the generosity of sponsors and donors.

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